Milton Keynes Sailability 

'Leave your disability ashore'

Milton Keynes Sailability Coronavirus Update 

Updated 14th Sept

Sailing on Wednesday 16th Sept

We at last feel ready to run a trial session to start to return to Sailing on Wednesday 16th Sept.


Initially this will be requesting a slot in order to sail one of the boats.   We will however have a number of restrictions:


  1. We will keep in groups of no more than 6 people.  This complies with the latest government announcement.  We are an organised sport and hence still able to operate.

  2. When in proximity (<2m) we will all wear a face covering

  3. We will clean and disinfect the boats between sails

  4. All sailors must pre-book the slot and have it confirmed by email

  5. People will leave at the end of the time slot, and any lifejackets used will be disinfected and not reused in that session

  6. Toilets will be open for use, but please ask to have the door opened.  It will be on a one in and one out basis

  7. No refreshments are available and there will be no seating areas set out.  Any carers or helpers can bring a folding chair if they wish

  8. Payment will be only by On-Line banking transfer.  We will give you the details on the day to pay.  £5 per sail

  9. We are unable to support any hoisting into boats neither can we provide close physical assistance.  You can get help from you family or support carer to get into a boat.

  10. We will not provide any buddies to sail on the water in Access Dinghies

  11. We cannot hoist into the Access this year as our hoist is not safety certified

  12. We may support a buddy on the side trampoline on a challenger as long as both people where a face mask or face shield

  13. We can offer sailing on Pippa for those who are physically ambulant.  All participants on Pippa will wear a face mask – Max 2 passengers + 2 crew.

  14. We will provide one safety boat with a single driver able to provide assistance.  

  15. Sailing will be limited to wind strengths with a max of F4



Please book one of the following slots:



1pm – 2pm




Please request if you wish to sail an Access (No buddy or with a family member only);  Challenger and if you need a budy,   Pippa (Fully ambulant only)


Please send an email to  with you name, the boat you wish to sail and any carers who will accompany you on the water on just to provide assistance on land.   First come first serve.  We will attempt to offer alternative time slots if the time your request is already taken.

Say Hello to our new boat

MEET 'Pippa'

Chairman's Welcome

My name is Tim Harpin and I am Chairman at Milton Keynes Sailability. It is part of my role to organise and administer our sailing days. I have several years sailing experience including racing our Challenger tri-marans in UK and international events. There is a great deal of effort from our committee that goes into running the club and it is my responsibility to ensure that we meet our obligations to our members. It can be challenging but is always interesting to be involved in the variety of activities of our club. We are continually trying to develop and expand what we do and I always welcome input from members.


"When I sail I leave 

my disability


—  Sailor 

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