Milton Keynes Sailability 

Sailing for all 

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Jake, Sailor 

When I sail I feel that I leave my disability ashore. I have been sailing since the age of 7. For that brief time I'm out on the water I don't feel restricted, I feel I'm as free as a bird when I'm out on the water 

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Tracy, Carer 

 As a carer going to mk sailability not only is it fun for us both it is very social .It is nice to talk to other carers and talk about other activities that are available to the disabled and just chat about every day challenges . I also pick up alot of knowledge of what life is like for other disabled people that helps me understand how difficult it can be.

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Micheal, Volunteer 

Having autism myself I like the fact that when I volunteer for MK Sailability that I'm given clear instruction and I'm made yo feel welcome at all times 


Meet the Chairman

Hi, I’m Jon Osbiston. It’s a great privilege to be the Chairman of Milton Keynes Sailability.   I am responsible for ensuring the Milton Keynes Sailability group can operate. Of course none of this will be possible without all the help from the volunteers and committee.


I have been sailing since I was 15 years old (which was rather a long time ago)  Although I can sail most boats, I prefer yacht sailing as there are many more aspects to consider on a larger boat than just pointing into the wind! I have been involved in Sailability for about 8 years now and nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the smile on people’s faces when they get afloat. As a group I am keen that we can further develop our membership and recruit more volunteers and sailors to join us during the year.


The situation with Covid has been very difficult for the group, but I firmly believe that we will come out of the worst of it later  

this year and we can return to sailing properly.


Happy Sailing




Club President 


My name is Tim Harpin and I am President of Milton Keynes Sailability. It is part of my role to act as an ambassador and figure-head of the group.  Having previously served as Chairman for many years I still have a huge passion for disabled sailing.  I have several years sailing experience including racing our Challenger trimarans in UK and international events. There is a great deal of effort from our committee that goes into running the club and it is my responsibility to assist the Chairman and advising the committee. It can be challenging but is always interesting to be involved in the variety of activities of our club. We are continually trying to develop and expand what we do and I always welcome feedback from members.