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Pippa is a lug-rigged Yawl, she was built by Norman Whyte in Findhorn, Scotland in about 1995.  The class name is the ‘Dipper’  but is based on the Drascombe Dabber designed by John Watkinson.


The boat was donated to Milton Keynes Sailability in 2019 by Rosalind and Alex Ungar.  We are grateful for their incredible generosity as they had lovingly cared for the boat, sailing her in the Lake District and Norfolk Broads since they bought the boat from new in 1995. 


There is a lot of history about Drascombe boats – further information can be found on the Drascombe association web page - we have found some information about the Dipper and Norman Whyte who originally built Pippa.


For those interested to learn about rigging Pippa, there is a guide we found on the web and have downloaded a copy of the Drascombe Rigging Guide for interested sailors to read  -reference the section on the Dabber, but note there are some minor differences.


We also have a lot to learn about maintaining wooden boats – they need ‘loving’.  We will aim to repaint the hull and teak oil on the top side of the hull during the year to keep her in good condition.

Having Pippa means we can offer more sailing on our Saturday and Wednesday sessions. She can accommodate up to 6 people (helm, crew and 4 passengers). If there is not much wind then we have a small outboard engine to enable us to still 'sail'. 


We look forward to a lot of fun with the boat during the season.

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