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We always welcome new volunteers at MK Sailability



We warmly welcome new volunteers who are eager to lend a hand both on land and on the water at MK Sailability. A friendly and helpful demeanour, along with a modest level of commitment, is all that's needed.

Prospective volunteers will be extended an invitation to join a sailing session, offering them a firsthand experience of the activities.

Our sailing volunteers typically arrive about an hour before the designated sailing times. Their responsibilities encompass setting up the boats, extending greetings, and providing support to our members with special needs.


To enhance skills, we conduct training days focused on boat handling, rescue boat operations, and related proficiencies.

Volunteers focusing on shoreside tasks play a pivotal role in preparing our members for their sailing experiences. 

For individuals planning to partake in sailing activities, some prior experience is advantageous. However, our boat's skipper will provide comprehensive guidance throughout. Additional trial sessions might be arranged if required. Once you're confident in navigating our boats, you'll receive an invitation to become an integral part of our team.

At our core, we identify as an inclusive sailing club, valuing diversity in abilities. As a gesture towards supporting the club's operations, we kindly request our volunteers to consider making a voluntary annual contribution, ensuring the ongoing success of our initiatives.

Please contact us today if you would like more information on how to volunteer.

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