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Sunday  11th July 

2021 Archive

Leighton Buzzard Rotary Club - THANK YOU 

Everyone MK Sailability would like to just take a moment to thank the kind generosity of the Leighton Buzzard Rotary club who have this season become big supports of ours and the work we do. Some of their members have even come down to offer their support. A few weeks back some of their younger members also had their first ever sailing experience and we are pleased to say they enjoyed it so much that they will be returning later on in the season 
We are working in partnership to support them with their 'Yes We Can' campaign 
Over the weekend we were sent the picture you see here by one of their there long standing members as the float with our organisation on the back 
We look forward to developing our partnership with the Leighton Buzzard Rotary Club more in the coming months 

Sunday  29th May 

Early Season Update 

We are now 3 sailing sessions into the 2021 sailing season and we can't tell you how good it feels to spend our Saturdays out on the water with our wonderful members and volunteers. 

It hasn't all been 'plain sailing' but we feel we now have a handle on the new way of doing things at MK Sailability and we hope you have enjoyed the content we have been putting out across our social platforms and this is something we will continue to do as the season enters it's summer months 

Just to let you know we have had to update our calendar for this year due to a double booking with MKSC. You can view an updated version of our 2021 calendar over our 'Season Dates' page

We hope to be welcoming back some more of out members over the next few weeks until then everyone stay safe and well

Saturday 10th April 

Rigging day 2021



🌧 There may of been bit of drizzle in the air but this didn’t stop our army of volunteers turning out in force (at a SOCIAL DISTANCE) It was great to get our boats out of hibernation after a whole year. We will have to learn to live with a world that will be different for some significant time due to COVID-19. 🌧


⛵️ THANK YOU to everyone who came down to lend a helping hand today, we really couldn’t provide the rewarding experiences we do without the support of our wonderful army of volunteers ⛵️ 


🙏 Onwards and upwards now as we look now to our training day in a fortnights time 🙏 

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